De Ge world-class alloy saw blade: the first high-end saw blade (DEKOR-S) in China, is the technological crystallization of Dege for many years. The birth of this product broke the monopoly of the high-end saw blade market by foreign brands, marking the domestic saw blade industry into the era of "intelligence". Since then, the domestic saw blade has finally set a big banner in the world of high-end saw blades! As a breakthrough product of domestic high-end saw blades, the “DEKOR-S” series has the following three patents and advantages, and is ahead of the domestic counterparts and is in the forefront of the world:

1. The “DEKOR-S” series products are owned by three independent technology patents, leading the Chinese saw blade industry into the era of Industry 4.0.

2. The alloys and steel plates used in the “DEKOR-S” series of products are specially customized from foreign professional manufacturers and processed through special processes to ensure the quality of the products from the raw materials.

3, "DEKOR-S" series of products performance and service life comparable to the import of first-line brands, far more than domestic brands.

Dege high-end alloy saw blade: a high-end alloy saw blade developed by Dege since its establishment, using imported materials, German production technology and a combination of its own technology to develop a classic product; after more than ten years of market validation and rapid Development has been unanimously recognized by customers at home and abroad, and is a reliable product that customers can trust.

Dege high-end diamond saw blade: a high-quality product developed with imported materials and combined with Dege's many years of alloy saw blade production experience. Due to its durability, low frequency of change, high efficiency, etc., the future market has great The potential is increasingly favored by furniture manufacturers.

De Bosen industrial grade alloy saw blade: an industrial grade alloy saw blade with excellent cost performance. Since its introduction, it has been highly praised by users for its durability and price.

Denoch ordinary grade alloy saw blade: a product developed with domestic top-grade materials, advanced German production equipment and Dego's technical experience of more than ten years, has a fatal appeal in the low-end market with its reputation of high quality and low price.