Dekor New Products: Metal Ceramic Cold Saw Blade
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Date: 2019-07-15
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4, smooth cut surface can reduce the subsequent manufacturing process, effectively reducing the cost of manufacturing customer products;

Dekor cermet cold saw adopts the top materials at home and abroad,
combines the leading technology of Japan and Europe, 
and is processed and produced by high-end imported equipment. 
The whole process of the product is strictly inspected according to the highest standards, 
ensuring the stability and service life of the product. 
Applicable to the machining and manufacturing enterprises sawing and cutting, bearings, 
cold forging, precision forging, auto parts and other industries.

      After the initial trial production and rigorous testing in the market in 2018, 
Dekor cermet cold saws have reached the same level of imported cermet cold saws
in terms of cutting quality, durability and stability. 
It was officially put into mass production in March 2019, and the Guangzhou CIFF Exhibition was officially exhibited. 
Welcome domestic and foreign customers to visit and exchange.

      The new product has officially started to receive orders. 
Customers who need more product information can directly consult our sales manager and customer service.
                       We are happy to help you.

  Dekor cermet cold saw features:

1, high hardness, wear resistance, high temperature resistance;

2. Compared with the band saw, it can improve product quality and production efficiency;

3, reasonable iron filings curl design makes the cutting surface smoother, and the chip removal is smooth;

4, smooth cut surface can reduce the subsequent manufacturing process, 
effectively reducing the cost of manufacturing customer products;

5, widely used in the cutting of iron pipe, mold steel, stainless steel and other materials.

Specifications that can be placed:









                 New products and cutting samples

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